It is more crucial than ever to develop and promote working models of educational institutions that approximate the larger society students will someday join. In this regard, OTL challenges the viewing audience on their own interpretation of "integration" and its' meaning within the existence of their own reality. The film's central hypothesis is rooted in thought provoking context related to the ultimate interpretation of "integration", its' clinical definition vs. the interpretation of those involved in its' process.

Hypothesis - If we open up the minds of many to broaden their internal understanding of the power of integration and its meaningful potential, then our lives, livelihood and contributions to society as a whole will be greatly expanded for the better.

Final dollars are needed to complete post-production editing, which includes capturing key archived footage, photos for historical placement, professional narration and last minute production adjustments to bring key subjects into scope, rounding out the story line.




Mike Mascoll
Executive Producer, Director, Screen Writer

Mike is a native of Boston. He began his academic journey as a METCO student in Lexington Public Schools, grades 3-12. The academic exposure in Lexington propelled him on to Boston College where he received his degree in Speech Communications with a concentration in Media Studies. At the age of 18, Mike embarked upon his first entrepreneurial endeavor, becoming the first African-American male model for L.L Bean while working under contract for feature, commercial, print, runway and industrial films. At the age of 28, he invested his earnings and became CEO of a successful wireless start-up- later becoming a key business development executive for a well-known technology corporation. Today, Mike continues to focus on Emerging Technology & Entrepreneurial endeavors. He recently launched, LEV Media Group, another start-up specializing in media production, documentary film-making, talent development & engagement management services.

Nerissa Williams
Assistant Director, Line Producer

Nerissa is the CEO of TCGT Entertainment and the Assistant Manager for the Emerson College Paramount Film Sound Stage . She recently received her Masters of Fine Arts in Film Production from Emerson and her undergraduate degree from Hampton University where she received a BA in Fine & Performing Arts. She began her career at age 4 on stage and worked her way up to Producer and Production Manager of live events, theatre, music, short films and television shows. Featured work can be found at tcgtentertainment.com.

Richard TK Hawke
Editor, Post Production

Richard manages a multi-media production company specializing in video and photo production / post-production. He works in collaboration with a wide range of visual artists, musicians, and writers creating fresh, unique, and engaging visual content. Featured work can be found on Hawke.tv